Management Services Bureau

The goal of the Management Services Bureau is to provide financial, technical and facilities management support for the entire Sheriff’s Department.

Department Quick Facts

  • Budget for Fiscal Year 2011-12: $611 million
  • Sheriff’s Total Authorized Staff: 3,812
    • Authorized sworn staff (FY2011-12): 2,290
    • Authorized professional (non-sworn) staff (FY2011-12): 1,522
  • Detention Facilities: 7
  • Patrol stations and substations: 18
  • Other facilities: 30, including some with multiple users. Additionally, the Sheriff’s Department maintains security for 9 judicial facilities and is responsible for more than 60 remote radio sites.

Data Services Division


The Sheriff’s Department continued to extend the use of its regional law enforcement records management, “NetRMS” in 2011. With Chula Vista, El Cajon, and Oceanside police departments fully on line, and the Department worked La Mesa, Escondido, and San Diego Harbor police departments on their deployments which will take place in 2012. Carlsbad, Coronado, National City, and San Diego police departments are in the evaluation and planning stages. NetRMS includes case management, workflow management, and crime analysis components, plus automated data exchanges with a variety of other internal and external law enforcement data systems. The Sheriff’s Department negotiated a regional use license for all law enforcement agencies within the San Diego County region providing each agency the opportunity to implement their own systems for a minimal setup cost.

Windows 7

During 2011, the Sheriff’s Department began full departmental deployment of Windows 7 after all mission critical applications were certified compatible with new desktop operating system. The transition to new operating system affords the department a Windows platform that is easy to use, is more responsive and includes set of new tools and functionality that will result in improved staff productivity. For example Windows 7 starts faster, has search function that finds document and programs instantly and allows preview of document content without opening documents. In conjunction with deployment of Windows 7 department workstations are also being upgraded to the latest version of Microsoft Office 2010 that leverages the new Windows 7 capabilities to help staff work more efficiently.

Facial Recognition (eMug)

CATCH Team success - On 04/06/11 the Computer And Technology Crime High-Technology program (CATCH) team took down the central figure in a large fraud / ID Theft ring. Forensic examination of his computers revealed fake California driver licenses and photos that were being turned into fake licenses. The exam identified 24 different individuals involved. Using the facial recognition feature in eMug the CATCH team was able to identify 21 out of the 24 individuals. Almost all of them have criminal histories related to fraud and drugs and are on probation. It took less than one hour to identify these suspects. If they had sent out a flyer to local law enforcement it could have taken weeks or months to identify some of these individuals. Using facial recognition from eMug the CATCH team was able to achieve success in this case that could have taken months.

SDPD Costco Fraud - In May, a San Diego Police Department (SDPD) Detective sent an e-mail flier seeking information on a female involved in fraud cases. Included in the e-mail was a Costco ID picture of the female subject. Sgt. Ron Edwards ran the photo through the Facial Recognition application and immediately got multiple hits from her various arrests. Sgt. Edwards sent the information to the SDPD detective who was able to solve many of his fraud cases within 5 minutes from receiving the e-mail.


SDFusion is a search and subject matching engine developed by Data Services Staff and their consultants that enables us to identify a subject across multiple systems easily. The matching engine automatically identifies individuals that we encounter in various systems and creates a comprehensive historical picture of a subject.

Records and Identification Division

  • Processed 16,032 criminal history requests
  • Processed 12,002 arrest/crime report requests
  • Processed 217,221 10-print cards through the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS)
  • Entered/Cleared 122,616 warrants for arrest
  • Entered/Canceled/Updated 50,392 protective service orders
  • Serviced 4,874 front counter customers
  • Scanned 99,162 jail jacket records (Have now scanned over 680,000 jail jackets since project started in 2005)
  • Processed 122,652 telephone calls through the Division’s Automated Call Distribution system while placing 44,820 outgoing business calls

Facilities and Special Projects Division

Rancho San Diego Law Enforcement Station

The groundbreaking for this new 26,000 square foot facility was held on November 18, 2011. Site construction work began in December 2011. The overall project cost is expected to be $17.5 million, and completion should occur by May 2013.

San Diego County Women’s Detention Facility

A $221.5 million contract with a Design-Build construction team was signed in August 2011 after a lengthy selection process. A detailed design phase was commenced in Fall 2011, and preparation of the construction documents will continue through the end of 2012. The first phase of this two phase project should be completed by December 2014.

Pine Valley Substation

The site for the future home of the Pine Valley Substation was selected in mid-2011. An architect was retained and design work commenced in late 2011.

Ramona Station Expansion

The Ramona library relocated in 2011, allowing the Sheriff’s Ramona Substation to expand into the vacated space immediately adjacent to the existing Substation. The building was fully remodeled to accommodate administrative and support uses. Upgrades to the original space is in the planning stages.

Fleet Unit

In 2011 the vehicle Fleet Unit deployed 92 new patrol sedans and 18 patrol Expeditions. Additionally, a new tactical command bomb truck was purchased and specialized outfitting will be complete in early 2012.

Contracts Division

  • Completed the procurement of a new Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS). This $2.7 million system features state of the art technology that improves case closure rates by greatly increasing the number of prints matched to suspects.
  • Completed a new $2.5 million contract with Motorola for 500 Mobile Data Computers used in patrol vehicles.
  • Awarded 26 contracts in support of the Aerial Support to Regional Enforcement Agencies (ASTREA) aviation unit. These contracts covered everything from spare parts to training to helicopter engine overhaul.
  • Administered over $115,000,000 in revenue agreements.
  • Negotiated new contracts for educational and technical education for inmates with the Grossmont Union High School District.
  • Contracted for the renovation and improvement of the training rooms in the John F. Duffy Sheriff’s Headquarters building, including installation of state-of-the-art audio visual systems.

Wireless Services Division (WSD)

Regional Communications System (RCS)

The RCS supports more than 21,000 individual radios and during 2011, processed 40,043,342 radio conversations on the network. The Division programmed 3,823 portable and mobile radios for service on the network and provided 53 RCS user training courses throughout the year. The RCS is approaching the end of its 15 year life expectancy and WSD staff worked throughout the year with technical consultants and stakeholders to plan the for the migration to “next generation” technology to meet the public safety communications requirements of San Diego County and Imperial County agencies.

Detentions Facilities Radio System Upgrade

During 2011, WSD replaced obsolete radio systems in four detention facilities in the East Mesa complex with one new state of the art 700 MHz system. This new system provides additional communications capacity and brings the radio communications within the facilities into compliance with new Federal Communications Commission regulations.

Redundant Data Links to Detention Facilities

The Wireless Services and Data Services Divisions worked together to engineer and install redundant data link paths to all Sheriff’s Detention Facilities in 2011. These new data-links are built on a microwave backbone using a mesh network-design to ensure availability and improve overall network communications. These new data links transport critical information for the Sheriff’s Jail Information Management System (JIMS).

Vehicle Communications Upgrades

In 2011, WSD staff installed 210 voice radios into County vehicles and 104 mobile data computers and modems into Sheriff’s patrol vehicles.

Financial Services and Budget/Revenue Management Divisions

Grant Monitoring and Grant Audit Support

Successfully passed audits, site visits and grant monitoring visits in the following areas:

  • Audit of the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) revenue as part of the County’s Single Audit conducted by Macias, Gini and O’Connell, the County’s external auditors
  • State Audit on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) reimbursements
  • State Audit on DUI Enforcement and Awareness grant
  • State Audit on 2006-2009 Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) grant
  • State Audit on Off Highway Vehicle grants
  • County audit on Fixed Assets
  • Site Visit on the 2007 Public Safety Interoperable Communications (PSIC) grant by the Office of Inspector General
  • State Site Visit on 2009 and 2010 Operation Stonegarden grants
  • State Site Visit on 2 California Multi-Jurisdictional Methamphetamine Enforcement Team (Cal-MMET) grants
  • State Monitoring Visit on Human Trafficking Recovery Act Grant
  • Monitoring visits from the City of San Diego for 2007 and 2008 UASI grants, and the 2007 PSIC grant
  • Managed the financial components of 74 grants programs that yielded $34 million in revenue, including the fourth year Operation Stonegarden grant award of $6.9 million. Participation in the Stonegarden program has grown from 6 to 20 agencies, including Orange and LA County Sheriff’s Departments.

Collaborated with Licensing Division to develop a fee and required ordinances for the licensing of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in the County.

Prepared a financial forecast that serves as a planning tool used to establish services priorities and allocate resources over the upcoming five-year period.

Developed and monitored the Department’s two-year operating budget, totaling $611 million for Fiscal Year 2011-12.