This aircraft is specially suited for work in high altitude & high temperature environments. The larger engine, transmission and rotor system gives this aircraft a significant performance advantage over the MD500D.  ASTREA has three of these.  


ASTREA operates one "D" model 500 series helicopter.  This is the oldest in the fleet, the workhorse of ASTREA since the late 1980's.  The "D" model will eventually be replaced in favor of newer, more powerful helicopters, and is easily identified by the rounded nose.  


The two fire/rescue helicopters are equipped with 375 gallon belly tanks and  hoists capable of lifting 600 pounds.  These helicopters greatly expand our rescue and firefighting capabilities.

ASTREA crew members also work with Cal Fire in the rescue role. Whereas ASTREA deputy sheriffs pilot the helicopter, Cal Fire personnel operate the hoist and deploy on the hoist cable to assist victims on the ground. Initial and recurrent training from a company recognized as the best in the industry helps crew to be as safe and efficient as possible.


ASTREA operates one Bell 407 helicopter.  This helicopter can seat up to seven persons and fly for close to 3 hours without landing for fuel.  It is equipped with a data-link antenna and associated hardware which will make it possible to pass a live video feed to ground personnel.

Unlike the (4) MD-500 models, the pilot flies from the right seat and the TFO sits in the left seat. The TFO operates the thermal imager (FLIR), night sun, data downlink, PA system and a suite of radios capable of communicating with any agency in the county.

The 407 is also equipped with a FLIR 8500 thermal imager with laser designator.