Assistant Sheriff Rich Miller

Rich Miller

Assistant Sheriff

Assistant Sheriff Rich Miller joined the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department in 1992.  He currently manages the Sheriff’s Detention Services Bureau.

As a Deputy Sheriff, Miller was assigned to the Detention Training Unit, San Diego Central Jail Transition Team, the old and new Central Jail, George Bailey and South Bay detention facilities.  Miller served as Jail Training Officer, Academy Training Officer, Corporal, Pro-per Deputy, Clinic Deputy, and SRT member.

In 1999, Miller was promoted to Sergeant and served at the George Bailey Detention Facility.  He served as Team Sergeant and Facility Training Sergeant.

In 2002, Miller was promoted to Lieutenant and remained at George Bailey Detention Facility until 2003.  He was transferred to East Mesa Detention Facility where he served as Facility Commander.  In 2004, Miller was assigned to the Inmate Services Division as Assistant Manager of Operations.  He was responsible for managing the inmate vocational programs, commissary and laundry operations. 

In 2006, Miller was promoted to Captain.  He was assigned to the Vista Detention Facility where he served as Facility Commander. He implemented a number of innovative programs and concepts, such as the Facility Improvement Teams and the Vista Complex Committee. 

In 2008, Miller was promoted to Commander and in 2014 he was appointed Assistant Sheriff by Sheriff Bill Gore.

Assistant Sheriff Miller has been a resident of San Diego County since 1966.