Concealed Weapons Permit


The issue of whether the State, the Brady Center, and/or CPCA and CPOA can intervene in the case has been settled – they cannot. However, the issue of whether or not the full Ninth Circuit will review the case en banc remains unanswered. The full court can accept a case for en banc review even if none of the parties make such a request – only time will answer that question.

Therefore nothing has changed for us, we will continue to process applications as we have been doing. Others that wish to place an application in abeyance may do so in person, not by mail. Should the decision be upheld, we will contact the applicants in the order applications were received.


The License Division in conjunction with the Sheriff’s Weapons Training Unit is updating the firearms instructors list for the concealed weapon licenses issued by this Department. As part of the California State requirements PC26165(a)(c) which requires the course of training in firearms acceptable to the licensing authority, the Sheriff’s Department will be reviewing those currently on the list and allowing any new firearms instructors to be placed on the list.

For more information, please review the letter from the Licensing Manager and the Learning Guidelines for Handgun Training Providers.

The Sheriff may issue a concealed weapon license to law abiding residents of San Diego County provided that all of the following criteria are met:

  1. The applicant is of good moral character
  2. The applicant demonstrates good cause for the issuance of the license
  3. The applicant presents proof of residency within San Diego County

The concealed weapons license allows the licensee to carry a pistol revolver, or other firearm capable of being concealed upon the person.


Download an application by clicking here. Please review the application carefully. If you choose to submit the application, complete all sections with the exception of the three signature areas. This is a two-part interview process.

Each applicant will be interviewed by License Division Staff to determine initial eligibility. Applications accepted will be individually investigated to determine residency, moral character, and good cause, anyone on any form of probation is automatically disqualified. There are four issuing categories in which the County of San Diego issues concealed weapons. Applicants will be required to submit documentation to support and demonstrate their need for any of the categories. The categories are:

  1. Protected law enforcement
  2. Personal protection (w/documented threats)
  3. Security
  4. Business

Applications must be submitted to Sheriff’s License Division in person. Please call Sheriff’s License Division at 858-974-2020 to schedule an appointment for your initial interview. The first part of your interview will determine your need and the required documentation. Appointments may be set between the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 3:00, Monday through Friday.

You will need to allow one hour for the interview. You will be given additional information and instructions to bring with you for your second interview.

The Department of Justice and San Diego County Sheriff’s Department are both involved in the processing of this application, each agency requires certain fees. Fees will be collected at the end of your second interview.


Cash or check made payable to San Diego Sheriff’s Department for $12.63 (the remainder $50.51 to be submitted at the time of issuance) plus a money order made payable to the Department of Justice as shown:

  • Standard (Two-year) license - $93.00 money order
  • Judicial (Three-year) license - $115.00 money order
  • Reserve Peace Officer (Four-year) - $137.00 money order


A single payment in the form of cash or check made payable to San Diego Sheriff’s Department shall be submitted for renewal of a CCW permit as shown below:

  • Standard (Two-year) license - $73.52
  • Judicial (Three-year) license - $95.52
  • Reserve Peace Officer (Four-year) - $117.52

Fees are subject to change as allowed by law. They are processing fees and as such are not refundable regardless of the decision made on the application.


All new applicants must demonstrate they are residents of San Diego County, have good cause and good moral character, pursuant to Penal Code §26150. For purposes of this application, applicants must submit proof of residency in the form of two current utility bills that list their name, service address and mailing address (or other similar type proof).

Good cause is an individual issue; however, if applying for business purposes, proof that you are a legitimate and fully credentialed business will be required as well as having to demonstrate that good cause for carrying a firearm exists. The same applies for those wanting to apply strictly for personal protection; the required documentation will be discussed at the time of the initial first interview, additional documentation may be requested. A valid California identification is also required.

Other verifications will be requested on an individual basis. Residence verifications and proof of good cause are required with subsequent (renewal) applications.

If there are other questions, please call Sheriff’s License Division at 858-974-2020.


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What is the minimum age to apply for a concealed weapon permit?
The minimum age is 21.
What are the acceptable forms to prove residency?
We require two proofs of residency in the form of utility bills dated within the past 30 days. The bills must list the individual’s last name, service address and mailing address or other similar type of proof.
Are San Diego permits limited to 3 firearms?
What is the process and fee for changing a firearm on a permit? Is requalification required?
In order to change a firearm on a permit, you would need to go to the Sheriff’s Range on a scheduled qualification day and qualify with the weapon. You would then make an appointment to come in to Licensing and amend your license. There is a $10 fee for this service.
Are character letters still required?
No, we do not require reference letters.
Are permit holders required to immediately notify a peace officer upon contact?
Not at this time, however it is highly recommended that you do so for the safety of all parties.